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Software and automotive future

Define the shift from hardware to software-defined vehicles

Software and Services






In this jobcast® you will get to know Andreas. He heads the Software & Service Sales department at Tier 1 automotive supplier Valeo and talks about autonomous driving, software in cars, even gaming apps and what BRAIN is all about.


He highlights the shift from hardware to software-defined vehicles, emphasizing the importance of maintaining and updating in-car software throughout a vehicle's life.


If you aspire to shape the future of the automotive industry, you're in the perfect spot at Valeo!


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Valeo is truly international, a lot of cultures coming together, a lot of
technological centers developing specifically software and services for the
global market. So we have a feeling that this company really strives to be the
developer to a global OEM customer base that is beneficial.


Hello, this is Alex from OHRBEIT. In this Jobcast, you will get to know
Andreas. He heads the Software and Service Sales Department at Tier 1
Automotive Supplier Valeo. And he talks about autonomous driving, software in
cars, even gaming apps and what brain is all about.


Well, BRAIN contains the autonomous driving and assistance software called
ADAS. Also the interior experience software. So software to monitor the
interior of the car. We're calling them also end user functions, function that
the customer can experience. And it's also with the data that is produced by
our sensors, like radars, like ultrasonic. There is the opportunity for the
industry to generate services around. This is something what you would see in
some parking maps, in some parking stacks. So that enable the drivers to
excellently park the car on streets or at home. And third one is definitely
the driving software. So to really be safe on the street with a lot of
functionality that can be experienced by the driver.

Well, the new world, it's not the hardware anymore that is solely defining how the car looks like.
It's not the power generated from the engines and it's not only the design, but
it's also the software inside a car that can be experienced. There are some
OEMs who do this kind of a pioneer. We know this and we want to enable our
customer base to really foster on these features. And there is a couple of
things that need to be done to be SDV, software defined vehicle ready. And
that is what we strive for. For instance, to be able to maintain the software
inside the car during the vehicle lifetime. In the car, there is features that
you as a driver recognize since years, I guess. So that is, for instance,
parking or you have the ACC, what we call. So this is kind of a distance
control to the next driver in front of you on a highway, for instance. We are
going beyond. We want to also support the, for instance, hand-free driving,
which is one part where we develop our products towards. But it's also even
better parking solutions that make your car park on its own. So the quality of
features is changing.

It's kind of a niche and seeing how the industry reacts
on this, but Valeo's strive for having an in-car experience via the
integration of gaming apps. And we developed a gaming app that is called
Racer. We did it together with partners. And this takes the sensor data, uses
this to generate a real-time picture. And there you can act as some Mario
Brothers gaming where you can go over the streets and collect coins with your
precise environment. And this is a good example for how creative you can be to
expand on the traditional way of getting the software, what you had already 10
years ago in the car. So it's expanding the world. And AI, I mean, this is
also a topic that is intrusive and the new aspects of the IT world, these will
have also impact.


Expanding the world of automotive. Finally, you can hear what particularly
motivates Andreas in his role, and I recommend you to take a closer look at
Valeo's websites and career pages if you want to find out more about the
future of the automotive industry and how you might become a part of it. We
wish you every success in your personal and professional development, and now,
Andreas, it's your turn again.


To work really at the forefront of the industry. That is something what is
definitely a big motivator. There is an ecosystem in the market that changes.
So there is a need for a good positioning for everyone in the industry. Same
for us. So basically, where can we solve customer problems in the most
adequate way to the benefit of the customers, but also to the benefit of
Valeo, we are not dealing with less than the new way how to drive on the
streets. You have impact.

End Jobcast Software and automotive future