Your prep five minutes before our meeting


Is the mic ready to go?


Is the OHRBEIT recording app on the iPhone?


Is the iPhone wifi connected?

Potential questions

Fragen über Fragen

Our OHRBEIT questions

Simply that you know what it is about…

Please note:

The selection of questions is mainly related to recordings for classic jobcasts, which are about a specific role or job profile.

If you are participating in another podcast (e.g. dual studies, trainee program or general company podcast), then these questions will be adapted and expanded within the interview.

Expert opinion

For which technical / professional questions are you the perfect contact person for your team?


What project or task are you working on right now?


Which of your tasks do you usually look forward to the most?


What tasks really challenge you lately?


What makes you proud of your work? What have you achieved?


What surprised you the most in your job?


What did you learn on the job?


What feedback helps you grow? What feedback made you happy?


What was a special highlight for you at work in the last few months?

New stuff

What did you do for the first time recently?


What makes you feel like you belong ‚here‘?


What’s coming up in your job in the next 1-2 years?

Download OHRBEIT Recording App for iPhone

Microphone Setup and Connect

  1. Connect your iPhone via WiFi
  2. Connect the microphone to the iphone via the cable
  3. Download OHRBEIT app from the appstore and open it
  4. Start recording (test recording for a few sentences)
    Apogee 96k: lamp must light green
    HypeMic: Lamp with 2 green dots is optimal
  5. End recording with FERTIG – save as ‚TEST first name‘
  6. Upload via cloud icon & confirm release
  7. Join the meeting via video & use headphones
  8. Enable flight mode
  9. Start jobcast recording
  10. Save the recording with ‚First name‘ (see 5.) / Quit flight mode and upload file (see 6.)

Keep these points in mind for a great recording

  • Allow nervousness
  • Chat casually
  • Just repeat the word if you get confused
  • Give examples, share anecdotes
  • Speak maximum 90 seconds at a time
  • Use „simple“ language
  • Restart the sentence if you lose the thread
  • Talk slower than usual
  • Take a short break after each set
  • Smile and relax