Set up & connect

General notes

If you want to get an idea about the interview, use our list of questions as a guide. You can find them at the bottom of this page.

Best practices for you

Technique & settings

  • Choose a room with as little reverberation as possible.
  • Get relatively close to the microphone (maximum distance: forearm length or 10-20 cm).
  • Turn the wheel on the side towards the + sign and then back at least 2 or 3 times.
  • The LED must be green during the recording (stop at red light!).
  • Switch all cell phones in the room to flight mode.
  • Make sure to record remotely via videocall with headphones.
  • The recording app should be visible during recording. If the iPhone switches to standby mode, something is going wrong (e.g. happens if the iOS software is too old).


  • Please do not read off written text: it is better to use a list of bullet points as a reference.
  • Offer personal insights on the job.
  • Assume that the listener has previous knowledge.
  • Avoid phrases and clichés.
  • Be specific about what people can expect from this job.
  • Put yourself in the user’s or listener’s perspective.
  • Share anecdotes from everyday work life.
  • Describe specific project and work examples.
  • Mention difficulties and problems you encounter on a daily basis.
  • Make sure the candidates get curious about working at your company.

Language and motivation

  • „Forget“ the microphone.
  • Do not care about misspeaking, just start the sentence again.
  • Lower your voice (it works better if you lower your shoulders and imagine to take an elevator downstairs)
  • Speak a little slower than usual.
  • Make use of your intonation and voice modulation, take little breaks inbetween sentences.
  • Smiling helps to sound personable.
  • Finish a sentence before starting the next one.
  • Be yourself!

Other tipps

  • Avoid nervous behaviour, e.g. tapping on the table or rustling with paper
  • Your headset cable should not drag the table, microphone or laptop.
  • Avoid consuming dairy products before the recording. Get your coffee (and cigarettes) after the recording! 😉

👉 Have fun and enjoy the interview! You are doing something special – be proud of it!

👉 Don’t worry about „um…“, „er…“ or “ „ahh..“ – we will take care of it and make you audible!

  • Purpose

    What excites you about your job?

  • Examples

    Which situation from your everyday working life is worth to remember?

  • Goals

    Goals a person in this position should set for the coming years?

  • Challenges

    Which tasks are particularly challenging?

  • Daily routines

    Briefly present a ‚typical‘ day or week in this role.

  • Solutions

    Tell about a specific problem in a project and how you solved it.

  • Uncomfortable truth

    What uncomfortable truth from the day-to-day work would other companies not dare to tell?

  • Education

    What can a person in this job learn from you?

  • Failure

    Explain a situation where your department failed. How did you deal with it?

  • Work Life Balance

    How do you ensure that your employees can give their health, family and free time enough space?


A selection of phrases you should better avoid – or at least use examples from the job.

  • Enthusiastic with a positive attitude
  • Stuck in the wrong job
  • Team synergy / A great team player
  • Good leadership skills desired
  • Opportunity of a lifetime
  • Resurrect your aspirations
  • Detail-oriented
  • Relaxed environment
  • Good communication skills
  • Lots of perks and benefits
  • Pro-active and dynamic
  • Ability to multitask
  • Join a vibrant team
  • A good sense of humor